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We are a approachable small, friendly, down to earth business and want our clients to feel completely relaxed in talking to us. There are no stuffy grey suits with us just a welcoming atmosphere. We just want to help with your accountancy needs.

Welcome to CDM Acccountancy

Our years of success are also due to CDM Accountancy having a fair trade approach.  Competitive prices are assessed during the initial free consultation, based on estimated hours to fulfil your bookkeeping, Accountancy, CIS, payroll and tax requirements, rather than being based on profitability/size of your business.

We have always dealt with small to medium size businesses. We felt that the small business world, was being overlooked. We have continue to update our Accounting, CIS, payroll and tax systems, in accord with the ever growing reliance on telecoms/computer technology, to where we currently operate a virtual accounting system for one of our major clients



Our experience has not just seen us through the changes within the restructuring of the HM Revenue & Customs but, also through previous downturns in our countries economic climates. Our expertise is a result of our people person, hand on approach with our various clients ranging from sole traders, partnerships in such industries from the gardener, shop owners, manufacturing industry and Engineering. Location of business's we deal with pose no problems with the use of our technology. The benefits reaped by our clients, by our personal approach, is evident in the fact that a number of our clients have remained with us from our conception, and continue to recommend us to other businesses.